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A non-profit corporation specializing in Medi-Cal qualification.

About Us

The Light for Seniors,Inc. works with agencies and professionals in the health care, tax, legal, and senior fields to enable us to fully serve the needs of our senior and disabled clients.

We provide answers to your

Long-Term Care financial questions, helping you find the right care for yourself and your loved ones.

We offer discounted and free services Serving all of California!

Why is this important to you?

  • A Non-Profit Corporation is able to accept donations which are Tax Deductible to the giver.
  • A Non-Profit Corporation is able to ask Foundations and Corporations for large Tax Deductible donations.
  • A Non-Profit Corporation can receive free and discounted supplies and services which reduce our overhead expenses.
  • The Bottom Line:  Our Services are FREE and DISCOUNTED, and we are able to offer programs that “For Profit” companies cannot offer.  

We offer the following services:

  • Free Long-Term Care Financial Counseling!!
  • Free Resource and Referral Information!!
  • Discounted Medi-Cal Qualification & Maintenance!!

Why do you need our help to qualify for Medi-Cal?

  • A “Medi-Cal Worker will interview you, provide you with forms, and provide a list of documents to submit, but will usually not help you position your assets properly to qualify.
  • The Medi-Cal process is complicated. Many people, especially seniors who are caring for as ill spouse, find the process too consuming and give up before completing the process.
  • A Medi-Cal decision can take up to 45 days. If a decision to deny is made after two months have passed, there is no way to go back and properly position assets for approval in those months, leaving you liable for medical costs.
  • if the Medi-Cal Worker denies a case in error, will you know enough to effectively argue your case to the worker, and/or in a Fair Hearing?
  • If your assets exceed Medi-Cal limits or your assets are not properly positioned, we will provide options for qualification that comply with current Medi-Cal rules.

How can Medi-Cal benefits help you?

  • Medi-Cal will pay the monthly cost of a Skilled Nursing Facility once your “Share of Cost” is met. (Call for a free “Share of Cost” estimate.)
  • If you are in a Board and Care or Assisted Living Facility. Medi-Cal will consider your rent in your Maintenance Need Allowance”. Depending on your income and monthly rent, oftentimes your medical expenses, supplies, and prescriptions will be covered in full. (Call for a free evaluation.)
  • If you are living at home and are low income, you may qualify for some or all of your medical expenses, supplies, and prescriptions to be covered by Medi-Cal. (Call to find out if this program will benefit you.)
  • If you are living at home and are low income, you may qualify for IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) to pay a spouse or caregiver to provide in-home care. (Call to find out if this program will benefit you.)

Wrongful Denial:

We received a call from a woman whose husband was in a nursing home and his application for Medi-Cal was denied. After having us appointed as his “Authorized Representative” for Medi-Cal, we were able to speak with the Worker who denied the case and have the case transferred to the appropriate branch office. Her husband’s Medi-Cal was approved within the week.

Our Comment:
The Medi-Cal process is complicated and there are many programs. Although this Medi-Cal Worker was irritated with me for stepping in, most Workers are caring people who simply make mistakes because they are new or are not aware of certain guidelines. Unfortunately this happens way too often. When it happens with us in the process, we are able to have the denial reversed and get the approval.

Misinterpretation of the Medi-Cal Guidelines:

We had four denials for the first month of nursing home care from one county. This county (as well as a few others) believed that “Long-Term Care Medi-Cal”‘ did not apply for the first month of care. With this interpretation, our four married clients would only be able to have S3000 in total assets or they would be required to pay for the first month of care on their own. This would have cost one couple an additional $5400.

We filed “Fair Hearings” and the Hearing Officer approved the cases without the hearing. The remaining two cases were approved after having the Workers’ supervisors contact the Hearing Officer.

Our Comments:
Many counties have differing interpretations. But Medi-Cal is a State and Federal program. The rules are the rules. Because we knew the rules, our clients saved thousands.

Another Case Saved:

We had completed and submitted the redetermination packet (due every year to continue eligibility) for our clients who are married. The husband has some very serious health problems and needed Medi-Cal coverage. They were both retired and the wife had a 401K retirement plan that she was not touching because of her young age.
The Medi-Cal Worker explained over the telephone that she was going to deny the case because the wife had too many assets. After pointing her to the Medi-Cal document which listed her 401K as “Exempt” and asking her to speak with her supervisor, the Worker graciously thanked us for pointing that out to her and continued the case for another year.

Our Comment:
Again, a very nice person who thought she was doing her job correctly. This case would have been
discontinued without knowledgeable intervention.