Choosing a Sacramento Rehab Facility


Fortunately the hospital stay went well, but now there is the issue of finding a rehabilitation facility in the greater Sacramento or South Placer County region that can assist with the healing process. While it would normally be a relatively easy recovery from a relatively simple surgery, age now plays a part and complicates matters. Rather than be sent home to recover, you must now locate a nursing and rehabilitation facility that will cater to your specific need.

Rehabilitation is common after many surgeries. In most cases, this phase of treatment can be completed as an outpatient, but not in this situation. A more controlled environment is required and that means spending more time as an inpatient. Insurance will pay for the needed rehabilitation, but you still need to find the best care so you can recover successfully, if not painlessly. The greater Sacramento and South Placer County region has several facilities to choose from that appear to have good reputations, so it is a matter of looking at other criteria in order to make a sound choice.

• What was the specific type of surgery?
• Is there a facility that specializes or has a better reputation than others for recovery from that type of surgery?
• What are the environment and surroundings in the facility like?

What Surgery Was Done?

The choices you have are restricted because different surgeries have varying rehabilitation needs. A stroke will likely cause both muscular and speech issues. There can also be memory problems that need to be dealt with. Joint replacement requires both physical and occupational therapists. Knowing the type of recovery support that is needed is the most important consideration when looking for the best facility.

Does Someone Specialize in Rehab for That?

Many of the rehabilitation facilities like Saylor Lane, Eskaton Care Center Greenhaven, College Oak Nursing & Rehabilitation and Auburn Oaks Care Center have professionals trained in the different therapy disciplines. It may be difficult to discern if they have a specialty because they will tout each of the disciplines and how their team is well qualified in each one. This may well be the case, but there are methods for differentiating. First of all, talk to several different providers and gauge their experience. Find out about their therapeutic practice and research its effectiveness. Any rehabilitation facility in the greater Sacramento and South Placer County region will be qualified, but not all can be the best.

The Reputation for Care is Good, But What About the Facility?

The environment of the facility may be as important as the professional care received. Sometimes moving from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility does not seem like a move at all; you go from one antiseptic environment to another. Other facilities try to make their grounds and rooms as homey as possible. If an individual feels at home, they will process the rehabilitation better.
Many of the rehabilitation centers in the greater Sacramento and South Placer County region such as Sherwood Healthcare Center and Gramercy Court offer a comprehensive approach to rehabilitative care. They have a good reputation, home-like facilities and they try to give the resident a stress-free environment. Finding the best place takes some research and planning.